Alcatel omnipcx office + asterisk

Hello People,

We have an Alcatel omnipcx. Within an couple of months some employees will move to an other building.
Of course these people also want to use telephones. I want to save money by making my own Asterisk PBX for this new building.
We will have an WAN connection between these buildings and calling with these people using the voip protocol.
Now my question;

Is it possible to connect the Alcatel PBX with the asterisk PBX so that telephones connected to the alcatel can make phonecalls to the Asterisk PBX?

Is there an howto to configure this?

Help is very very much appreciated.


Hendrik van der Ploeg
The Netherlands

Yes this is possible but i depends on the spec of your alcatel pbx.

Does your alcatel pbx currently support voip?

A good resource for all things voip is


You should be able to do this but note that each active conversation across your WAN link will use about 64KB/sec unless you use the G.729 codec available from Digium. That will reduce it to about 8KB/sec. To each of those add 10-15% for overhead.
If you also have data running acroos that line QoS becaomes a absolute requirement.

For the asterisk config look in the wiki under “dual servers”. For the Alcatel side hopefully some of the concepts from the asterisk side will ring some bells and youll be able to figure it out.±+dual+servers

Nope it wont, It will reduce the payload to 8K and the Overhead to 22K of overheads. Making about 30K each way.

Have a look at … onsumption to get a true idea of Bandwidth requirements.


Thanks for the reply :smiley:

Good to hear is should be possible.
Yes, my Alcatel supports VOIP (already found the option :smiley:)
64kb/s is quite a lot. Let’s say I implement the G.729 Codec, my guess is that my Alcatel PBX also has to support this???

Of course I found the website, but couldn’t really find something interesting and google also doesn’t bring me much.
I’ve come a long way though with my asterisk.
Got in/outgoing calls via CAPI ISDN working.
SIP calling with the softphones connected to asterisk.
Now the last important thing that has to work is the connecting of the alcatel & asterisk so they work together.

I’ll follow the given Link, Thanks!!!

The Netherlands


you are correct - shows me for not double checking. Its been a while since I did the calcs.

That 22K-24K overhead is codec independant so g.711 is 64K + 23K = 87K


Looks like the Alcatel does support G.729 (according to there website)

Good Luck. If you get it working be sure to update the wiki - you are not the only one who will want to do this.

Yes I will update the wiki.
I really hope I can get this done.
Saves a lot of money, Our Telecom Provider here in Holland does the administration of the Alcatel PBX, and I’m quite unhappy how stable it is.
And it always looks good in my resumé :laughing:

Remember that you need g729 in the starting and ending point. Does your Alcatel box support g729???

Running Man

[quote=“kokkerhout”]Yes I will update the wiki.
I really hope I can get this done.
Saves a lot of money, Our Telecom Provider here in Holland does the administration of the Alcatel PBX, and I’m quite unhappy how stable it is.
And it always looks good in my resumé :laughing:[/quote]

according to swaterhouse my alcatel supports it.
I tried some things today to get it working, but I think it will be a tough job.
I get the feeling I’m one of the first who is trying to make this work, because I can’t really find some good documentation.
As soon as I want to connect my Alcatel to Asterisk the log complains about ACL restrictions. Usually this is an error which must be quite easy to solve, but this not. Have no idea why it sais this.


Ok guys,

Got a little bit closer today.
I can now call from the Alcatel PBX to Asterisk.
Only when I pick up the phone it disconnects immediatly.



Got it working. Everything!!!

As soon as I have this documented I will put it in Wiki.
I have now 3 weeks off from work, so start on it in 3 weeks.



hello kokkerhout

i do not know if i have the same issue you had. i am building a VoIP system. i started by building SIP Proxy server “Openser” to work as registrar and locater of the users.

i decided to include a connectivity to the PSTN using asterisk. the place i am in they already have alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise.

so i know how i will connect the SIP proxy server to the asterisk but i don’t know how i will connect the asterisk to the alcatel OmniPCX !

you said you will provide a documentaion about the intergration but i did not find any in Wiki.

would you please help me?

Hello huraimel,

Well in the end it was actually quite simple to integrate the alcatel with asterisk.
But hey, thats what we always say when we’ve got everything up and running :laughing: :wink:

The only adjustment I made on the alcatel side was the numbering plan.
On the asterisk side I told where the numberplan of the alcatel was.

Like this;

Asterisk side:

;12XX & 22XX is the number plan range on the Alcatel
;The ip address is the Alcatel pbx

exten => _12XX,1,Dial(SIP/{EXTEN}) exten => _22XX,1,Dial(SIP/{EXTEN})

Alcatel side (images) I hope you understand the images

Good luck!!!


Hendrik van der Ploeg
Linux Administrator
The Netherlands :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Anyone have the last image ?

i’m trying this integration

My asterisk can dial oxo extensions, but the oxo fail to dial asterisk extensions.