Alcatel - asterisk - cti

We have an Alcatel PBX 4400 which we would like to integrate in Asterisk. Our phone-company tells us. “Asterisk is no CTI-server”, because he wants to sell us a TSAPI- or XML-server from Alcatel. Where can we find some info on how to interface Asterisk whith Alcatel 4400? Our goal is a client-application based on Java managing outgoing and incoming calls, preferrably using JTAPI.
Thanks for any hint or tip :smile:

the wiki is a good place to start. is someones experience of linking the 4400 to an Asterisk T1/E1 card.

as far your app goes, the wiki contains a raft of links for API tools.

thanks for your hint :smile:

I’ve done integration with a siemens system (hipath 3000). What you have to be aware of are the dial strings to do things like turn on the MWI. For instance, on the siemens, to get the MWI to turn on, *68<EXT_NUMBER>. To turn it off, #68<EXT_NUMBER>.

Other things include connecting a PRI to your alcatel and finding out exactly what gets sent to the zaptel card. It could literally be anything - e.g. 3XXXXXXX1XX<EXT_NUMBER> - set up the signalling as qsig between the two. Work out if the alcatel is master or the slave. I’ve done work on an Aspect system which can only work as a slave.

Also, for your application, I’ve written a CSTA protocol stack available under the apache license. The alcatel 4400 supports CSTA and I would very much like to port my implementation to it. If you could point me to some alcatel docs, that would be much appreciated :smile:

Good luck!