Alcatel 4400 should be extended and later replaced by *

My customer has an Alcatel 4400 with 2 CPU cards, 1 PCM card (for DID a E1 line for dialing in only, no dial outs), 10 NDDI cards for 10 x 8 analog lines.

From the Alcatel are 10 fiber lines going to 9 Voice hubs, which include analog cards for 12/24/32 phones. There are also some combi cards for analog and digital phones.

The numbers are 8*** for one group of users and 1*** for another group of totally 700 phones.

Our exercise is to (our idea, if you have a better, please tell):

  1. don’t add any cards to the Alcatel. For that are several reasons, like newer cards are incompatible.

  2. use one of the voice boxes at another place where they need urgent extensions

  3. use a second voice box as link to Asterisk system (analog lines)

  4. use for the new Asterisk system numbers starting with 6**** (example only)

  5. Operation would be than like:
    a. dialing on the Alcatel a number starting with 6 would go to Asterisk, dialing ahead with the rest of the number. Q: do we need to wait or dial directly the extension number?
    b. dialing from Asterisk would mean to go out via a prefix to the old Alcatel - same Q: do we need to wait or dial directly the extension number, or even the external line, e.g. dial 5 (for the old system as prefix) and than the number 8*** or 1*** or 9xxxxx for external calls.
    Example: 58123 to call Mr. A (group of users “8”)
    51123 to call Mr. B (group of users “1”)
    5933445566 to call a local number

  6. move over one by one of the Voice boxes’ extensions to Asterisk

  7. move the E1 & analog lines dirctly to Asterisk

  8. sell Alcatel on ebay

CAN we do that?
What do we need to offer to the customer? Remember, that we will move over the entire system of currently 1 E1, 80 analog lines and 700 extensions, plus add more from each. We also want to add at the beginning VoIP to route some calls cheaper via VoIP.

What hardware can do that?

Thanks for your help.



I asked about this a normal PBX vendor and got this answer:


As your suggestion , the first digit of extension are different in NIPX and Alcatel, 8XXX and 1XXX is used for 4400 and 6XXX for NIPX , and 9 for external access code from Alcatel , as a result , from NIPX call to Alcatel and external call will be the same , you just need to dial 8XXX and 1XXX to extensions of 4400 and 9XXXXXXXX to call a local number. but from the extensions of 4400 call to extensions of NIPX will depend on the ability of Alcatel , I don’t know what they can do for this ? to reach function as said above , you need CO interface of 4400 connect to Analog lines of NIPX for call from 4400 to extensions of NIPX , vice versa , connect Analog line of 4400 to CO of NIPX for call from NIPX to 4400.

I hope that you can catch up what am meaning.[/quote]

Why do I need in his opinion two different ways to connect to each other?
Why he asks ot add a CO card (FXO) to the Alcatel, when I am already connected to via FXS ???