[HELP] Asterisk <=> Alcatel 4400 interoperability

I have a problem with Asterisk <=> Alcatel 4400 interoperability, that I would really appreciate if someone could give me some suggestions on how to solve it. The problem is this:

I have a few extensions in the Asterisk that do one simple task:

  1. answer the call that came from the Alcatel 4400 (via E1),
  2. start recording the call,
  3. return the call back to the Alcatel 4400.

What I would really need to do is this: redirect all calls from the Alcatel’s queue to the Asterisk, so that I could start recording them, before they come to the agent (but after they left the queue and were sent to a particular agent).

Can this be done & how?

Thank you all soooo much for any ideas, you might have!

Any ideas at all? :confused:


For what you explain, you need to place the asterisk channel on a 3rp party conference of the 4400 in order to record.

Or make the connection on the asterisk by using one channel coming in and one going out, while asterisk records, never done it but wonder if it could be a solution

How did you accomplish to execute the transfer from the E1, to an extension on the PBX on the 4400?, are you using Q.SIG?


Yeap, I am using one channel coming in and one going out. It does work, but the problem is that I can only configure the Alcatel so that I start recording as it enters the queue, something like this:

However, what I would like to do is the following:

The major difference between first and second scenario is the fact that in the first scenario I record the whole call (even when the callee is listening to the “You’re 256th in line” kind of messages). I would however only like to record the actual conversation between the callee and the agent (as in the second scenario).

I know this is more of an Alcatel issue, rather than Asterisk’s, but I still wonder if someone has any knowledge of the configuring the Alcatel as I would want to?

Thanks for ideas though, Manrique

(p.s: what is Q.SIG? I am a telephony newby :smiley: I am using a Sangoma two span E1 card, with PRI_NET signalling on the first span, and PRI_CPE signalling on the other span, if that helps you in any way?)