Asterisk analog card - Zaptel or Dahdi?

Asterisk Build:
Asterisk GUI-version : SVN-branch-2.0-r4535

OpenSuse linux 11.1

I am installing an analog card - Openvox A400P

I’m confused whether I need Zaptel or Dahdi

I Installed Zaptel, and the GUI reported hardware detected. However when I went into “configure hardware” in GUI, it couldn’t find ztscan

While looking for ztscan, I found Dahdi and decided that this was the more current driver. I installed Dahdi, but the ztscan problem remains.

There may not be a conflict between Zaptel and Dahdi.

So now I have the following questions:

Should I be using Zaptel or Dahdi?
How do I uninstall the one I don’t want (make uninstall doesn’t work)
Where do I find ztscan?

Thanks for any help…

You need to get the drivers from the openvox website. It looks like they have both Zaptel and DAHDI.

Since they give you the choice you should use DAHDI since that is the newer version.

ztscan AFAIK is a tool distributed with the AsteriskNOW GUI.

Asterisk 1.6 doesnt support zaptel … -to-dahdi/