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Hello Everyone.

I am new to asterisk. My question is
When we plug any FXO card, for Linux we have to load its driver using ‘modprobe’ so that it can be recognized by the OS. What procedure should be adopted so that asterisk also recognize that card as in “zapat.conf” we do not mention about any card.


Taimur Hasan

Zap or dahdi drivers must be compiled and then configure the modules for use. With that asterisk recognizes the card

Thanks Sir

Could you please tell me how i can configure the modules as i have compiled both zaptel and dhadi

Hello, only one Dahdi or Zapata is needed. When you compile dahdi in example, executes the command make config the output in the console tell to you what kind of card you have and the module.

If you want, you can edit the /etc/dahdi/modules file and comment the others modules only for activate the desired, its not necessary do that.

Then you need to configure the /etc/dahdi/system.conf to tell what kind of signal you will use, and finally configure the chan_dahdi.conf in /etc/asterisk to use your channels