Grasshopper like platform


We want to set-up an vendor or provider independent platform similar to grasshopper

  1. We buy SIP DIDs from vdifferent vendors , local numbers , toll free etc
  2. Clients ON THE web , chose the did , configure the account and start using 3 features
  • Personal IVR
  • Call Forwarding based on defined extensions
  • Voicemail

So we imagine to have an web frontend witch writes does the client management and put in the database.
In back to have an Asterisk configured to read settings from this database and to work fully automated

From web platform cliet modifies all the options

I found OpenVBS with twillio platform but this stuck me on twillio and i do not want this

Do you know an existing free/paid platforms wich acts like this ?

You’re most likely going to either write you own or pay a consultant to whistle you up a front end for it.