Asterisk AMI

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I need to know if there is a limit buffered configuration for sending actions and receiving events over AMI protocol, if yes were can I modify that buffer. The problem is that I ma sending many Originate action and I don’t receive for all my request events.

Asterisk version used : 1.8.28-cert5

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George Sand

There is no limit on plain TCP AMI, as all the requests will be processed sequentially and backed up into the TCP stack on the sender. I don’t believe there is any explicit limit on HTTP, although one could run out of resources, like memory, sockets, or file descriptors.

If you don’t read the responses fast enough, the OS TCP transmit buffers will overflow, and you will get timed out errors and possibly AMI connection drops.

You could run out of other resources if you try to initiate too many calls at once, but will still get the synchronous responses from AMI, unless the connection gets dropped with a timeout message.