How many concurrent ami action can be execute in asterisk?

hello dear friends,
in my senario , i use AMI socket and perform some originate and getQueueStatus actions.
i open a socket and keep it open always for some other tasks.
i want to know how many ami concurrent action seesion , asterisk
can handle?
can i increase this number?
acctually i have problem in ami request when my incoming call goes over 100 concurrent calls.
please help me.

There is no answer to that - as there is no fixed limit. You’d have to determine and isolate any bottlenecks based on your usage.

thanks for your reply.
acctually i tested a very simple ami originate:
channel: Local/123@loop
context: test
exten: 44
priority: 1
async: true
variable: me=5897

exten => 123,1,verbose(${me})
exten => 123,n,answer()

exten => 44,1,verbose($me)

i send 30 concurrent of above originate action, but i will response very slow and hang after 6 or 7 response.

please help me to find a limit number for it

Are you reading the responses either asynchronously or before making the the next request.

As well as I think creating 60 new threads, the initial responses are sent synchronously, so if the TCP stream is not read, at some point it will deadlock, through buffer starvation.

I have done same operation asynchronously using PHP and no issue at least not with 30 calls, I think you re not handling connection and reponse properly

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