AMI limitation


I have an application that works with AMI Asterisk. This app sends many command to API for calls,users and etc. I tested this system with 8 E1, and about 200 cps. Now the commands that app sends to Asterisk, will be time outed and system not worked properly until reducing the links and rate of the incoming calls.

So are there any limitations in AMI ? or AMI buffer? How can I solve this issue?

Thanks for helps.

The buffering for AMI is that provided by the OS.

Thank you for reply.

So are there any other limitations for AMI like number of concurrent command? I saw some documents about AMI over flow. It can related to mine problem ? Is it solved in the new version?

So if AMI doesn’t have any relation to my problem, what are other possibilities?

You can obviously run out of file descriptors, process numbers, kernel or user space memory, but there are no built in limits to AMI.

In your case, I would suggest that you management traffic exceeds the network capacity and/or you have buffer bloat in the network.

Thank you for your suggestions.
I should check this points. I used 1G network devices so this should not be a concern. is right?
I monitored CPU load too in period that problem occurred, But servers are so powerful and not used fully.
Are there any settings for memory, process, file descriptors in Asterisk?

No. They are all OS parameters.

In any case, the error messages you get should tell you where the problem is. If you get timeouts, the problem is with your networking or the client system.