AMI stopped working at 20 active calls

I’m using Asterisk 16.3.0 and connect to AMI to get CDR and Call events
At over 20 active calls, AMI stopped working, I can’t even run ‘manager show connected’ in asterisk cli
Are there any way to improve AMI performance?

You are using an old version of Asterisk, and changes were made in that area of code. I don’t think anyone will look into this or investigate unless you confirm it occurs on a recent version.

Hi @jcolp ,
I deployed Asterisk 18.03, it’s a bit better but ami stop sending events at 40 concurent calls

What are your ulimit settings ?
What is your CPU load at this moment ?
What is the CPU load on the application server side at this moment ?

Do you limit events to only the required ones ?
Are you sure your application is processing the events in a timely manner ? I believe Asterisk buffers events not received by the application internaly do if the buffer gets too big it might affect performance. I might be wrong though. Maybe someone will tell us.
And no need to mention that manager debug must be turned off .

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