AMI call limit stuck at 20 people


I currently have a system that places numerous concurrent calls through the AMI. For some reason it does not place more than 20 calls at once. When the AMI logs in I see that it logged in and called way more than 20 people, but for some reason the calls don’t go out to more than 20. I am wondering if someone could shed some light on what the issue could be. Could my voip providor have limits or is it something to do with my configuration? I checked the rtp.conf file and nothing seems to make the limit of the calls so low.

Thanks in advance.

If you are using AMI ,you are using Originate action for the calls, I don’t think there is a limitation on the AMI side, you need to check the DIALSTATUS variables for those calls, and if there are failing after more than 20 calls it means there is nothing wrong with AMI, this could be carrier limitation on the amount of channels available

If this is SIP, the limit would normally be a commercial limit, not a technical one. Any technical limit would likely depend on the overall load on their system and not be a constant, small, number.

If this is DAHDI, you really will have a fixed small number of channels.

I would suggest consulting with the service provider before designing systems that generate large numbers of calls, as telephone systems are always designed with less capacity than needed for the worst case loading. There is a long established branch of applied mathematics, called tele-traffic engineering, which is all about deciding how littler equipment yo need to provide an adequate service without dropping too many calls through lack of capacity.

Hi I am using PJSIP not SIP, also I don’t have Dahdi or g729 or anything like that set up. Does the default Asterisk configuration have a really low limit? I will contact my providor and see if they have any limitations on their numbers.

PJSIP is an implementation of SIP, so is SIP for current purposes.

Asterisk doesn’t have built in limits, or at least not ones that one would encounter normally. Asterisk limits are for engineering reasons, not to deliberately restrict the product.

Any limit is being imposed by your provider.

You can also be limited by the capacity of your internet connection, but that would not fail in such a simple way.

Thanks you were right, I checked with my provider and they said their channel limit is up to 25 for our numbers. I have requested them to increase it, nonetheless I am looking for new providers. Do you guys have suggestions for any Voip providers I can use in Canada that allows you to purchase numbers that have a higher limit?

Does anyone have other suggestions? I was using before. Something with similar pricing would be great but open to any suggestions.

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