Asterisk addons installation

I installed Asterisk to /misc/ast:

When I try to install asterisk-addons 1.4.0

[quote]>./configure --prefix /misc/ast --sysconfdir /misc/ast/etc --localstatedir /misc/ast/var --without-mysqlclient


I get the message:

configure: error: No asterisk installation found

What should I do to install addons?


Might be a bug in make files. Autoconfig is a recent move in Asterisk. Problem is expected.

I would symbolically link to default locations and see if addons install.

Addons do install if I install * to the default directory.
Besides, my OS is Linux Fedora 6, if this information is useful.

Try 1.4.2 or trunk to see if problem goes away. Post a bug if not, tweak Makefile, configure, whatever way you can to help patch - even if you cannot, post a bug.

Unfortunatly, I cannot find addons 1.4.2. Can you give me the link?


i don’t think there is a 1.4.2 release for addons. you could get trunk using svn co asterisk-addons-trunk at the shell prompt.

although, i expect you’ll find the same issue. time then to report a bug at

Actually I want to clear a little.

  1. I installed * under Fedora 6 to /misc/ast
  2. I want to install addons-1.4.0 and do the following in the addons installation directory:

./configure --prefix=/misc/ast --sysconfdir /misc/ast/etc --localstatedir /misc/ast/var --without-mysqlclient
make menuselect
Set off everything except ooh323

And this time I can see that the path to the channel.h in the file configure is checking with static string “/usr/var…” etc. That is why make is unsuccesfull. I tried to chenge this string to /misc/ast/include/asterisk where the channel.h is, but got a lot of other errors with undefined
So as I see there are many static pathes to be changed. How can I do this changing the arguments of configure?


i can’t see you getting very far bumping this. post a bug report instead where the people who write the Makefiles will actually see it.

Excuse me.
How can I do this?