Howto install Asterisk-addons + asterisk-G729 on the same

I have install AsteriskNow1.7.O and install asterisk-g729 codec that I purchase the license key from Digium.
Now I want to install asterisk-addons for CDR support but i can’t.
I use yum install asterisk-addons-mysql.
Have you some ways to do this.

This is an Asterisk Now question. Please post in the appropriate forum. (See Sticky)

IF you want to do a “roll-your-own” asterisk, then download the source for the Asterisk Addons which is appropriate for your underlying verison of Asterisk (1.4-1.6) then build it as per the instructions using make menuselect to choose the CDR options.
Then restart asterisk

If you do this on an Asterisk Now install, which I havent done, you may break it, that I cant help with.