Mysql asterisk addon installation


I have asterisk 1.4.0 running on Fedora 6, kernel 2.18, I have installed mysql also

When I installed asterisk, I also installed the addons, and I have tried re-installing them, by doing ./configure, make and make install

I want to be able to store my cdr records in an mysql database, rather than outputting csv files which is does currently

I look at the tar.gz file I downloaded for asterisk-addons1.4.0 and it has files relating to mysql such as app_addon_sql_mysql.c

in /etc/asterisk - i have no cdr_mysql so I assume that this is not installed and set up

To be honest, I do not really know where to start with this…

Can anyone help?



Did you untared the asterisk tar.gz file then the asterisk-addons and only after this did the ./configure? If so, whan doing the make menuconfig, do you have the Mysql cdr option available on the menu?

so if i cd to the usr/src/asterisk-addons.x.x.x directory and type make menuconfig?

Previously I did ./configure, then make and make install

Will make menuconfig affect anything that I have configured just now, like my extensions and voicemail?



I’m checking my install. In the addons dir you have to make menuselect and choose the mysql addon. Then after doing make and make install it will copy to the libs dir.