Asterisk a to z

Hi Asterisk Community,

It’s good to know such an open source pbx such as this Asterisk with its amazing capability. I wanted to implement this on our office with Ubuntu 8.04 (desktop) but of no luck i couldn’t find any user manual or article that can guide a noob like me. I have implemented, permit me if I mention some other OS type free pbx but no intention of ads or something, a free 3CX PBX system on MS Windows and is working smoothly. The hands on, in terms of technical knowledge, are so minimal that even a non techie person could install and manage on their own with the aid of their how to’s article together with a helpful community. So without going around the bushes, I would like to ask for those users of Ubuntu 8.04 (desktop) who implemented Asterisk successfully to please contribute your priceless knowledge and great effort on implementing this FREE pbx as your telephony system. I am not making a statement and neither am I lazy and spoon fed but sharing your knowledge is a big help such for us new users just like those developers of Asterisk. Thank you and more power!


Seaching for stuff is a good start. Digiums website is a good start…
also this is a wonderful start