Asterisk 16 GSM gateway

How can I connect Asterisk 16 to the gsm network? (I have a virtual machine + a Hauwei e173 model)

There are a couple of recipes on the internet. You just have to use a search machine. In essence the E173 is a multi-mode USB device and you have to flip the default mode. Years ago one could use usb-modeswitch and with the gsm-utils you could then simply send from the command line. The basic functionality has nothing to do with Asterisk.

About 10 years ago there used to be a github project named chan_dongle to integrate the functionality into Asterisk. You will be entering uncharted territory and the warning is HIC SUNT DRACONES.

What you are trying to do is not mainstream.

Most people from what I understand just use a SIP based GSM gateway device instead.

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