How can make Asterisk into a basic sip trunk with my Huawei E173?

So, I’m trying to use a Huawei E173 for voice over a sim card. The dongle is detected and seems to working fine with asterisk, I just don’t know how to to setup asterisk to use the device and run asterisk as sip trunk to use with different sip server. I’d really appreciate some assistance. I’m running Asterisk 16. There’s plenty of guides on how to setup for voice over the sim card specifically for this device, but all of them use freepbx to configure asterisk, and using that isn’t an option in this case since it’s running on dd-wrt and doesn’t support freepbx.

chan_dongle is an alternative to using SIP, so you cannot create a SIP trunk over it.

chan_dongle is described as being alpha quality, which means you use it for production use at you own risk.

chan_dongle is third party code. The github site for it, which includes a readme with some information, and of course the sample dongle.conf file, is at

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