Asterisk>USB>cellular>GSM network howto?

Hi all,

I have a G3 LG mobil phone wich i would like to connect to my Asterisk server via. USB, i would then like the Asterisk server to recive incoming calls and also make outgoing calls and sms via. the cell phone to the GSM network (so the cell phone works as a GSM gateway).

But i can not find any info. anywhere to help me on how i am going to set this up, there a lot out there about products you can buy and pepole trying to get BT to work, but not really any howto info. on how to make this work?!?

So i would like to know if anyone out there know how to make this set up work and would like to share it?

Sincerly yours,

Jan Jensen

I might be wrong about this, but i don’t think you’ve got much hope of getting something like that to work. Not unless you write the software yourself, that is.

Connecting mobile phones to a linux system (although you don’t say what o/s you’re using) isn’t a simple matter. You’d be best off starting by having a look at Gammu and Gnokii:

I’ve never seen any hint anywhere that any LG phone can be connected to a linux system.

If you’re using windows (surely nobody in their right mind would run asterisk on windows and expect it to work? :wink: ), then you’ve probably got even less chance. There will be drivers and interface software for your phone for windows, but don’t expect them to be able to interface with anything else!

Your best possibility might be if the phone you want to use has an “AT” command interface - i.e., it can look like a modem. In that situation, you ought to be able to get something working by writing a perl script or something like that. But it would depend entirely on how useful the AT command set is.

Somebody else may know of other solutions though.

Buy a fixed cellular terminal and put your simcard into that…