Is it possible to connect the Chinese LC SIM800C V3 USB module as a GSM gateway?

Can the China module be connected as a gsm gateway?


Maybe with chan_dongle.

Thank you I will try
when it arrives I’ll write off the surface

How’d it go?

Will be known on December 7 - 8

I’ve received the device and have been exploring it for the third day. I’m trying to understand the documentation, but it seems confusing and contains errors. Sending SMS is not a problem, but I have a question about calls – the device can make calls, but I don’t know how to transmit audio from the microphone.

So far, I haven’t tried connecting the device to Asterisk. Instead, I’m experimenting with it through UART, trying to understand its capabilities. If anyone knows how to transmit and receive sound, please, could you offer some guidance?

She has a single UART implemented, and UART 2 is not in use. Most likely, AT commands are sent through UART 1, while audio communication is handled through UART 2.

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