Asterisk 13.24.1 Park behavior vs Asterisk 11.25.3

I use Cisco SPA series phones and I utilize one touch button to park calls and the operator announces the parking lot number the call is parked on before the call is hung up.

On the Cisco this requires: Keep Referee When REFER Failed = Yes
And the Extended Function or sidecar code: fnc=sd;ext=70@$PROXY;nme=PARK

This works perfectly on Asterisk 11. On Asterisk 13 (I’m using chan-sip) it does not play the audio back right.
The log shows it plays the 7 and 1 however its not audible on either the side of the call.

If I manually park the call using ##70# I hear the number fine. However its not the same method as the phone uses.

Anyone have some thoughts as to what broke or needs to be fixed on 13 to get it working as it was?