Cisco spa504g Park location

i am having an issue with the Cisco SPA504g phone not announcing the PARK location to the user before the call is parked. i am using the softkey command “fnc=sd;ext=700@$PROXY;vid=1;nme=Park”. the call is parked and is able to be picked up without any issues except the user does not know to which location it was parked.

any help is greatly appreciated.

I am having this same issue on Asterisk Did you ever find a solution?

no i have not. i haven’t gotten a single reply.

There are various bug reports on relating to parking slot numbers going to the wrong place.

I downgraded to and it is now working. Looks like there might be a bug in some of the newer code.

bump - this this still an issue at v !!!

What is wrong with this problem? Does no one else experience this? Is there a bug I can vote on? This is unbelievable! Can anyone please assist? Is there a work around?

I have customers with SPA-942s that are stuck on the older version until this problem resolved?

1.6.2 is in security fixes only mode.

To hear the announcement, you must do an attended transfer.

So what is the solution to fix? Go to 1.8? Is it fixed there?

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so what is the fix because i have not found any solution with the cisco 504g. we are using an up to date FreePBX install with asterisk any help is greatly needed.

The fix is to do an attended transfer, so that you do not complete the transfer until you have heard the announcement.

Even though the traces suggest that Asterisk is going out of its way to give a blind transferror to hear the number, that is just not how typical SIP phones implement blind transfers. They typically disconnect party A from the local party simultaneously with requesting the transfer.

i have still not found a fix for this. we can perform the park by transferring and by pressing “##700#”. but using the park button it still announces to the wrong location. it still announces to the Parkee not the Parker. On a test server we upgraded to Asterisk 1.8.6. On this version the call is parked but no announcement to either party and if it is picked up and parked again the announcement is again sent to the Parkee.

this worked fine 1.6


I am trying to get my SPA504G to use a programable softkey that is available during an answered call session for sending to the parking lot.

Currently, I am on the phone, press transfer, then enter #70, hit dial, then transfer again, that puts the use into the parking lot on #70. To pick up you need to dial #71

I get very few phone calls & am not worried about having more than one user in the parking lot at a time.

So I need some help figuring out how to program the coding to make that work?

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.