Asterisk system error

Dear All!

We make a asterisk server ( Freepbx distro) in our Company.

We have Grandstream GXP 2124 phones.

The problem: When is pick up the handset, and say hello, nobody answer.

I can wait 1-2 second to bulid the line.

Internal and external calls, this is the case.

I do not know what could be the problem.

pls. help!


Enable the full log (logger.conf) and also enable millisecond timestamps on the log.


core set verbose 5
core set debug 5
sip set dubug on

Make a call.

Look at the log. Are there any retransmissions? Do any responses to INVITEs get delayed? If so, which ones.

Possible problems: overloaded network; overloaded DNS server.