Asterisk 1.8 + Yeastar TDM400 Analog Interface Card

In my company we use Asterisk 1.8.x.x on FreeBSD box. And now we need to connect to PSTN (2 analogue lines), so I am searching interface card. The main criterion - cost. What about Yestar TDM400? Is anybody use it? And how this card will be determined by my OS?

Thanks in advance.

I’d encourage you instead to purchase a Digium TDM410.

Digium long-ago end of life’d the TDM400 design, which was copied by numerous other companies, because of inconsistencies in the performance of its PCI interface with modern motherboards as well as its inability to cope with latency spikes and its lack of support for DSP-based echo cancellation. The TDM410 has all of these advantages. And, any time you buy a product from Digium, you’re putting money in the pocket of the company that’s actually doing tangible work to further and support Asterisk. One of the ways we put that money to use is by hosting these forums.


I agree with you completely, but Digium’s cards are too expensive for our. Unfortunately.

Really? So if you couldn’t get something cheaper than a Digium card you wouldn’t be doing the project?

If we had free money for IT, I would have bought Digium’s card of course.