Setting up Asterisk in a home situation


I want to test asterisk and try to setup a server so i could use it later for my company.

My situation:

I have a cable company that provides me TV, Phone and Internet a anologe phone works on the line that is provided bij the cable company.

I have a AMD XP 2000+ pc and looking for a good but cheep pci card i found this one: … bb1aqvr741 (Dutch site)

What i want to do is 1 incoming line and 1, 2 or 3 phones is this card right for it or are there other cards that are better?

I hoop i’ve been specific enough.


The card is a Digium card and it’s very well suited to your needs.

A possible option is to use voip phones instead of analog phones.


Marco Bruni

But this card has cards that needs to get in this card

a Digium FXS module (S110M) and a Digium FXO module (X100M)

1 for a phone 1 for the line i guess? but aren’t there cheaper cards than this? or other models for home situations?

There are cheaper cards out there but I would stick with this one. Also if you only plan on using one line to connect to the phone company that I would order the card with only one FXO module and but IP phones. The price will be a drop more but you will see that it will be much more worth it that way. VOIP phones give you a lore more functionality than analog phones do.

So if i understand it correctly i’ll need

1x Digium TDM400P interface
1x Digium FXO module (X100M)

and a VOIP phone like this … tml?lang=1

So i don’t need a Digium FXS module (S110M) for the phone? Does the VOIP phone connects trough the LAN cables to the line?

Yes, you don’t need the fxs module.

Through the LAN the voip phone is connected to the Asterisk pbx which is connected to the line via the Digium card.

I use the Snom phones and they are good, I’m happy with them.


Marco Bruni

ah now i understand it a little more:)

Thank you very much!

Witch kind of model do you have Snom? and witch one do you prefere?

and you can use that phone with sip protocols for example voipbuster? if my asterisk experiments fails :unamused:


I use some old Snom 220 and some newer Snom 300 and Snom 370, the best is the 370 and it’s the one with the highest price too.
Snom 300 could be ok if you need just a simple phone or for a test.
If voipbuster follows the sip RFCs then I think you can use this phone with them too.


Marco Bruni

First ill have to start saveing some money :laughing:

Digium TDM400P interface € 89,00
SNOM 300 basic model € 104,72
Digium FXO module (X100M) € 81,00

Total: € 274,72