Cheap analogue card for single line?

I moved my office over from a single analogue phone to a Asterisk system with six Cisco IP phones and a SIP 10-Trunk and a load of DID’s. Its been great, saved my company 1000’s in phone calls and lots of missed business by being able to handle calls properly etc…

But we still have that old analogue line stat there, it still rings a couple of times a day. I did tell people to tell the callers that we have changed numbers, but it never happens.

So I would like to be able to plug the old analogue line in to my Asterisk box so it works like a single line SIP trunk, also it would act as a backup if the Internet went down.

But i’m not sure what to get, I have used a lot of my budget so something cheap will have to do ~£100 and less.

Is that possible?

Thanks, Dave.


With all of those savings, it seems like buying a Digium card, which directly supports the continued development of Asterisk, would be the best path. The TDM410 is a modular four-port analog interface card that can be configured with a single trunk (FXO) module and can optionally be populated with DSP-based echo cancellation (via the VPMOCT032 echo cancellation module).

You probably won’t find it for ~£100 or less, but you will get a reliable product. And, any Digium product you buy helps us continue to fund Asterisk development and to bring you things like this forum.