PSTN connection to Asterisk

I am creating an IVR for my company and I need to integrate with an existing PSTN line. I am thinking to buy the Digium card Tdm400p, but I need to know if when I receive a call and the line is busy, the caller goes to my IVR or the busy tone is played.

If you are using analog lines then the caller would receive busy generally.

In that case, I will use a voip provider to avoid busy tone. Thank you

As an add-on to this thread, I’ll note that Digium quit selling the TDM400 back in February of 2008. If anyone’s buying one of these, they’re almost certainly buying a clone, which likely carries all sorts of issues (regulatory). Further, that card had no capability for hardware based echo cancellation, and we phased it out because there were PCI-level compatibility issues that arose in newer motherboards.

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Can you tell me a similar card that Digium is still selling?

Our current analog cards are viewable on our site[1] and you can use the selector to find the right one for your needs.