Asterisk 1.6 -> AGI & Python


I’ve been messing around AGI using AGI scripts, perl, and recently python. I was curious are there any recent stable solutions for python out there? I see py-asterisk, pyst, StarPy but I dont see any recent development or stable releases. My goal is to use AGI / python / 1.6 to build some medium sized complex IVR systems. Any recommendations? Thanks

We use Python with Asterisk 1.4.22 and it’s been great. One of our programs was built without Pyst and the other with Pyst.

The Pyst is a lot better at hangup detection and it saves programming time.

We’ve had a few “Asterisk” difficulties, like DTMF Detection and Talkoff (When Voice is Detected as DTMF). Also I’ve had a few PRI issues with Dahdi but no problems at all with Python.

I run 2 Asterisk Boxes: 1 Prod with 2 PRIs (Quad CPU) and 1 Dev with 1 PRI (Dual Core CPU). I process about 2000 calls per day with a moderate to heavy SQL load on each call. MSSQL is running on another server in the Subnet.

Our Python Scripts are approximately 150 K and they are very stable.

So far Python was a Great choice and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to build a Stable and Feature rich IVR.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Greatly appreciate your feedback and experiences with python. I also ran into this little tidbit for quick stdin/out with python and AGI.