Agi changes in 1.2?

Hi Folks,

I have an agi perl script that records a message. It was working fine for more than a year until I upgraded to 1.2 (last version I had running was 1.0.8 ). Now it appears that the script is getting killed on hangup, which means that it cannot finish processing the results from RECORD_FILE. Was I always doing something wrong? Or has something changed dramatically in the agi implementation? How do I get my script to survive hangup?

Also, 1.2 doesn’t seem to display the script’s STDERR output. It’s been a while since I had to debug the script, but I’m pretty sure previous versions did pass STDERR to the Asterisk console (what you get when you asterisk -r).

Otherwise, 1.2 looks to be a big improvement over its predecessors. Good work!



PS: Sorry if this is the wrong group, or territory that’s been covered. I did a search and didn’t see anything obvious that seemed relavent.

Well, I went and spent some time getting to know run_agi() a little better, and I see now what’s going on. I can only figure that it was sheer luck that my script ever worked. Nevertheless, I put a trap in to ignore SIGHUP in my script, and everything is working just great. Sorry for the forum noise.

(Still not sure what happened to STDERR, but looking at the code I don’t think that ever worked the way I think either. Man my brain is dead.)