[HELP] Learning AGI/perl -

Hi All,

I’m just writing my first perl AGI script and cannot get it to do anything. I’m using Asterisk::AGI perl module.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use Asterisk::AGI;
$AGI = new Asterisk::AGI;
my %input = $AGI->ReadParse(); #Read in the initial data

On the asterisk CLI i’ve got agi debug on too. So the call just sits there until timeout. No saydigits, no hangup, and to my surprise no “HEY I NEED SOME HELP\n” on the CLI!!

Even the agi-test.agi that uses this perl module doesn’t have the STDERR messages output to the CLI.

I need a little explanation with this. I’m not a perl programmer but have lots of PHP java experience. and NO! i’m not using those languages - this is how I’m going to learn perl (finally!)

Okey dokey, looks like the STDERR only gets printed on the FIRST asterisk CLI.
Still doesn’t explain AGI->hangup() not working though :frowning: