Trying to find a good reference for AGI (ideally php or C#)

I’ve been trying to find a reference to get my feet wet in developing some AGI scripts, mostly to grab mysql data and return it back to asterisk so that allison can read out the information (date, time, etc.) or even use Flite.

I can’t find much, the oreilly book is about the most extensive thing i could find, but it isn’t much.

Any tips about where to go? thanks!

i just started playing with AGI a few weeks ago, and found the phpAGI class to be very easy to work with…

to get our IVR to work the way it should, all i had to do was write 30 lines of code, and the source is very well documented, so it just took me a bit of reading to find the functions i needed.

that would be my suggestion, anyway.

Some info and links here that might help