Asterisk 1.4.40 GXP2000 BLF registration issue

I understand there is a requirement to patch to chan_sip.c that needs to be done to sort out my problem with my Grandstream GXP2000 handsets.

Ok, some sip debugging with version 1.4.0 & 1.4.2 and the a bit of diffing chan_sip.c and I have the answer. Expressed as a diff it’s this (orig=1.4.0, new=1.4.2) : -

Code: Select all
— chan_sip.c.orig 2007-03-18 20:37:06.000000000 +0000
+++ chan_sip.c 2007-03-23 15:12:40.946029746 +0000
@@ -6890,7 +6890,7 @@
pidfnote = “On the phone”;

  •           statestring = "terminated";
  •           statestring = "confirmed";
              local_state = NOTIFY_CLOSED;
              pidfstate = "away";
              pidfnote = "Unavailable";

Which in english means that after 1.4.0 the response string in the notifys for BLFs on the phones uses ‘terminated’ state for unavailable instead of ‘confirmed’.

Now I don’t know which is actually correct according to specs but for a GXP-2000 ‘terminated’ does not work right but ‘confirmed’ does so I have patched my chan_sip.c back to the older behaviour ('cos that’s just the kind of guy I am )

If anyone knows which the correct behavior is, maybe we can get a bug raised, or maybe there’s already one out there? I should look shouldn’t I![/ul]

There are so may posts regarding this problem however, I’m unable to patch the code since I don’t have the abilty to change and recompile the chan_sip.c with these changes,

Can anyone help me by PM me the compiled file and I’ll be sorted.

Thanks :smiley: