for Asterisk 1.4.40 with Grandstream fix


I’m after patch to the chan_sip.c for the problem experienced with grandstream GXP2000 not showing disconnected handsets on Asterisk 1.4.40. I believe this is an issue with the Grandstreams however, the patch to chan_sip.c will fix my current issues since we only use GXP2000’s through out. Here’s what I have researched from other posts and require a simple patch to resolve my issues.
— chan_sip.c.orig 2007-03-18 20:37:06.000000000 +0000
+++ chan_sip.c 2007-03-23 15:12:40.946029746 +0000
@@ -6890,7 +6890,7 @@
pidfnote = “On the phone”;

  • statestring = “terminated”;
  • statestring = “confirmed”;
    local_state = NOTIFY_CLOSED;
    pidfstate = “away”;
    pidfnote = “Unavailable”;

Is there anyone out there whom is willing to help me out in providing the a patched file?

It would be greatly appreciated. I miss my red lights. :smiley:


The only way of submitting a patch that will get included in anything official related to Asterisk is to sign the electronic submission agreement at, then submit it, against a supported version (support for 1.4 ceased a couple of weeks ago) as a code attachment to an issue report.

The Digium people cannot look at patches provided in any other way, for legal reasons.