Asterisk 1.2.4, zaptel-bsd unstable on FreeBSD 6.x


I used to run Asterisk 1.0.9 on FreeBSD 5.4 with zaptel 0.10 and for the most part it was relatively stable. Since I upgraded to FreeBSD 6.0, asterisk 1.2.3 and then 1.2.4 and zaptel 0.11 and then the latest subversion repository zaptel-bsd, the system has crashed regularly everyday. The logs do not indicate any significant information as to why, the system is crashing. At this point, I have decided to move to a gentoo linux installation for my asterisk system, since from everything I’ve read, asterisk and the zaptel drivers are most stable in a linux environment.

System Stats:

Dual Xeon 3.2 ghz
FreeBSD 6.0 release
Asterisk 1.2.4, libpri 1.2.1, zaptel-bsd-trunk (latest)
1 gb RAM

Also, I am aware that the zaptel-bsd drivers may not be entirely stable in a multiprocessor environment, and this may be where all my troubles are coming from.

It might also be worth noting that I did read other Asterisk BSD experiences where they claimed it was very stable on FreeBSD 6.x and the latest zaptel-bsd drivers. I even read a favorable stable experience on a xeon dual processor system.

From my experience asterisk and zaptel-bsd still have a ways to go before they are production worthy in a FreeBSD environment.

Just thought I would relay my experiences for anyone who is interested.


In browsing through the PR reports for zaptel on FreeBSD I came across the following:

This could possibly explain the instability I’ve been experiencing. Perhaps when the PR is resolved I’ll start production testing on FreeBSD again. Until then, I’ll remain with Gentoo Linux.