Add-ons make crashes w/FreeBSD

Please forgive me for rambling on but I don’t want anything lost in the translation:

I rebult one of my FreeBSD systems with Fedora 5.0 Core and got all the features I wanted * to do on my home system working, including the native moh without choppy playback. My girlfriend was really blown away when I put her on hold and her favorite mp3s started playing quietly in the background.

So I went back to my FreeBSD server, updated the ports and de-installed and then re-installed libpri and zaptel and then re-installed *

I had to comment out a few lines in the Makefile:
#WITHOUT_H323 = 1

I also had to add a line

to get it to build successfully. I then started up * and everything was fine with the exception of moh. The sound was choppy using mpg123 so I read the docs some more on the native moh at … nhold.conf.

This procedure worked fine on Fedora but not so on FreeBSD.

The add-ons module crashed during the build. The last few lines of the add-ons build were this:

app_saycountpl.c:143: error: `ASTERISK_GPL_KEY’ undeclared (first use in this function)
gmake: *** [app_saycountpl.o] Error 1

I’m this close to having the * system I want on FreeBSD, my OS of choice. So can anyone offer some more pointers here?

BTW - Fedora is really cool. I hate to say it but the ease with which it setup X on my system was amazing. Not much to do other than update the packages after the install and then enjoy the attractive GUI it comes with.
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