Asterisk Fails to Run (FREEBSD)

I’ve had great success with * but the time finally came for me to move * off my test server and place it on another machine so as to eliminate the test box. BTW - I run FreeBSD not Linux. I’m posting here because the FreeBSD forum is a ghost town with little if any replies offered.

First off this machine is an old P166 with 96MB of RAM that has served me well for many years. But I’m only using * for personal use, 1 call at a time so I’ve got to believe it will work. I installed the ports collection, updated it with portsnap and then ran the install. It took over 24 hours for the build to complete but that time included the build of all the dependecies required by * also. And this time I got it to build without having to modify the Makefile. That’s a new one for me as I usually had to add WITHOUT_FAX=1 to get it to work on some other machines.

Second, zaptel did not appear to get configured right. When it was all over there was a /usr/local/etc/ but it’s no good. Won’t load anything. So I copied over the file from the other machine and zaptel.ko and ztdummy.ko, etc all loaded fine.

Third, and worst of all, this machine has PostgreSQL on it from some previous work I was doing with it. But I did not install PostgreSQL from the ports. Which means it did not install in the usual places that the FreeBSD filesystem adheres to. I built it from source. pgsql works fine on this machine. But for some reason * starts looking for it and the last lines of the CLI screen, before * exits are like this:

[]Sep 12 05:12:33 WARNING[2302]: loader.c:325 __load_resource: Shared object “” not found, required by ""
Sep 12 05:12:33 WARNING[2302]: loader.c:554 load_modules: Loading module failed!
Ouch … error while writing audio data: : Broken Pipe

I don’t really know how to attack this problem. Can anyone offer some advice on what this means? I don’t use PostgreSQL with * for now and don’t know why * is looking for it. Further, why does * exit? Is it due to pgsql or is the Broken Pipe message the clue here?