[Resolved] Asterisk 1.4.3 causing system crashes

I just updated two of my Asterisk boxes with 1.4.3, zaptel 1.4.2, libpri 1.4.0 and asterisk addons 1.4.0. Everything seems to work fine when booting the systems up and placing the first call, but as soon as the first call terminates the entire system locks up and requires a power recycle to get it back up.

I removed the addons package and placed a test call and the system locked up. I then downgraded to Zaptel 1.4.1 but reinstalled Asterisk 1.4.3 and once again, after the first test call the system locked up. I believe that the only common denominator that I can attribute to the system lockups is Asterisk 1.4.3 itself.

Both boxes are running Ubuntu. One has a TDM400 and the other a TE205P.

My quick solution will be to downgrade back to 1.4.2, since I don’t have the luxury of being able to have either system down by morning. Anyone else experiencing the same problems?

Something similar was happening to me when the disk was full and the system was unable to write to the database to store the cdr line.
So I suppose that it has to do with some sort of inability of asterisk to write to the database for any reason. Just check something gets written to the cdr and that you are able to write to it using the credentials that uses asterisk.

My initial upgrade included zaptel 1.4.2 (which was also a new release). Hours after I attempted my upgrade Digium released Zaptel That seemed to resolve the issue I was having with the lockups after the first call terminated.

I had exactly the same symptoms - Problem replicated.

I am running Mandriva 2006 and a TDM400P.

Bad timing on my part, I finally got around to upgrading from quite an old version to the versions listed at the top and had the same symptoms till I upgraded zaptel to

Had me hunting around for quite some time, thankyou for the post …