Assistance with PRI/TI Purchase from Digium or

I am considering purchasing an digium or sangoma T1/PRI card but what if it does not fit into my linux box. Does one size fit all? Also, what is the difference between the PRI card and T1 frame relay, do they still serve the same purpose? If after purchasing one of these cards, what other hardware would I need to purchase in order to have for instance, PSTN allocating DIDs to my system and my system being able to process 23 simulaneously calls and distributing various routes. If my understanding is incorrect, feel free to correct me.

Another concern, is do I have to have a T1 Line coming into my dwelling? I am tryng to understand everything as much as possible before purchasing…

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Digium TE405/406 - 32 bit PCI slot 5V (standard desktop computer)
Digium TE410/411 - 64 bit PCI slot 3.3V (mainly servers)

Sangoma A101/102/104/104d - 32 bit PCI slot 5V.

As for the T1, you’d need to talk to your local telco provider on that - it varies (and i’m no expert) but they can tell you exactly what is required.

thank you for your prompt response.