Hello I am looking for a Good T1 card to replace an old legacy pbx which phone lines are comming in VIA T1.

I am also looking for a good Analog card to plug 7 analog lines into. Got any good recomondations? Thanks

the wiki would be the place to start.

Thanks I already checked that out. But i am not sure which piece of hardware i will actually need.

for T1 … lcards.php

Analog cards … gcards.php

really ?? ok, i’ll be controversial and say that really you have a choice of 2 manufacturers, Digium and Sangoma.

then you decide how many T1 spans you want to provide or think you will provide sometime soon. 1, 2 … pick the appropriate card from the section for each manufacturer. consider buying built-in echo can if you are concerned about echo and want it easy from the off.

then follow the link for the card(s) you have narrowed it down to, and check out prices. you have the info you need.