Hardware requirements

I am a product development manager in a PBX Company,I am new to Asterisk. We need to build up a Asterisk System for study . Our requirements is T1 Card for PRI , 4 FXO for Telco line 4 FXS for ANALOG PHONE , 4 SIP Phone and 1 card for DID feature( direct dial in to extension) .What hardware we need and where to purchase.(Reasonable & reliable)
Any help would be appreciated

like the sticky says, do some research on voip-info.org/ … search for Asterisk ?

Your two hardware companies for working with * are Digium and Sangoma. Sangoma takes a few extra steps to configure, Digium is made by the company behind *. Both have wide product lines.

For your analog’s, you need Digium TDM400’s or the Sangoma A200 series equivalent. TDM400 is a 4 port modular board, each port can be enabled as FXO or FXS by adding the appropriate module. FXO modules are red, FXS are green. Sangoma A200 works much the same way.
Both companies make many PRI boards.
SIP phones do not need a special card. They can communicate using the server’s Ethernet adapter. I generally recommend SNOM and AAstra phones, as they are good quality and work great with *.
DID card, this would probably be PRI of some kind? if so you can just get a 2 port PRI card…

hope that helps