Anyone from

Hiya, I just joined up here and was wondering if there are any refugees from the old forums on here?

I see larsonc is here, are there any others?

We had a good bunch there and there were alot of very helpful threads and discussions, its a pity the site seems to have disappeared.

Anyway, good to see this forum is becoming more active, look forward to participating.


Yes, good to see you are on this forum also… I wonder what happened to such a good forum… They were so many good inputs and responces… Lot’s of great tip&tricks !!

To tell you the truth, I’m so tired of seeing so much old info about Asterisk, I think that’s what hurts the program… There are a hundred sites with outdated info and this will be the downfall…

It would be nice to see and get on-board and put up a single soure with the current related info…

Any way, good to hear you’re here…

Now go and answer my 3 questions… ha ha ha… :smile: