Hello All


how long before Tim Bass posts to our new “Superior” web forum.



Thanks for the forum 8)

Don’t know how long it will take. But if this gets going it’s a nice setup. There are somethings that work better in a forum instead of just plain emails.

Just want to say hello and welcome all.

uh, I forgot to login first :wink: apparently guests can post stuff as well.

yes, thanks indeed - much easier to read…

okay, fixed the Guest posting. Gotta be registered now.

Just wanted to say thanks for setting the forum up.

I am glad to see Digium hosting a web-based discussion board. I hope the use of this increases, as I prefer this platform over the mailing list.

Mailing list got too active for me. Even the Digest crowds my mailbox. :smile:

Thank you for the Forum!!!

Hi all
Thanx for setting up this forum it ll be a lot of help. Good timing with me beginning to learn all about the voip secrets.