Digium Phone Module (DPMA) and Provisioning (mDNS)

As I know Digium Phones may be assigned SIP account configuration a number of different ways:

  1. The phone’s boot menu - Digium Configuration Server (DPMA, manual address)
  2. DPMA, Bonjour / mDNS

First method (set manual IP address for Digium configuration server) works fine, but I cannot say it about second one. So, what should I configure to make it work?

I did all actions according to the guide (http://docs.digium.com/phones/phones-module-for-asterisk-users-guide.pdf, but it does not work. Every time when I reconfigure or reset to Factory Defaults any of digium phones it asks me to configure Digium Configuration Server again, so I have to set IP address for the server and port.

So, it seems that digium phone cannot communicate with and retrieve its configuration directly from Asterisk via the DPMA. How can I check that mDNS discovery works?



The best place for support for Digium’s products is our Support department. They may be contacted by telephone:
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First, your network must be capable of forwarding multicast requests.
Second, your Linux system (on which Asterisk is running) must have avahi installed.
Third, the DPMA must be loaded into Asterisk.
Fourth, the DPMA must be properly configured to advertise itself so that the correct provisioning address is pushed up to avahi, so that the phones, when they do attempt to contact the server, are pointed to the correct location.

Please contact our Support department for assistance if you’re running into trouble.