Problem with analog phone

Hi all,

We have an Asterisk (Elastix) working fine since more than a year ago. We have a AEX410 board with 3 spans, 1-2 are FXS and 3 is FXO.

1-2 Spans are connected to our telephony carrier. We have 2 SIP phones and various people using softphones too. Everythinh works ok and as expected, call between SIP extension and outside in both directions work like a charm.

The analog phone has been disconnected for some months and I reconnected it today again. I’m having 2 problems with it:

  • DTMFs recognition fails sometimes. I managed this to work ok using relaxdtmf=yes in dahdi-channels.conf.

  • When calling outbound via trunk lines, analog phone seems to enter a loop. Call is being done correctly, ie my mobile phone rings and I can take the call, but in the analog phone end I only get loop-like noise. It works OK if I call a SIP extension, or if a SIP extension calls the analog phone, even if a SIP extension transfers an inbound call from our carrier to the analog phone.

Any clue what’s going on?

Thanks a lot