[resolved] FXS port stop working

Hi everyone,
I connected one of the FXS ports on the TDM card in asterisk to a high-speed fax to test a codec issue, the fax did not go through and after that the port stoped giving dial tone alltogether. The signalling is FXO-KS, I changed the signalling from ks to groundstart to make the fax work, is it possible that the port gone bad ?because of that. the other 2 ports are fine.


The TDM400P’s do not support Ground Start signaling. The only Digium cards that support ground start are the T1/E1/J1 cards. Try switching back to Kewl or Loop start and see if dial tone works properly. If not call Digium support. +1-256-428-6161

yeah, changed it back to kool start, its working now looked like a hanged port or something.

thanks for ur help :smile: