Analog phone - First digit not reconnized

I have a fresh install of A@H 2.2 with a TDM400P card with one FX0 and one FXS modules. I have not connected the FXO to the POTS line yet but I do have my home phones connected to the FXS port for testing (I currently do not have any other phones configured yet… SIP/AIX… only a ZAP extension). When I enter anything from my analog phone the first digit that I enter does not get reconnized by Asterisk… ie. I have to enter **60 for the time request. I have not touched any of the configurations yet, this is a clean install. Has anyone seen this behavour before?


Does anyone have an idea about what is causing this? Maybe help guide me to the right config file or forum posting. It is getting quit annoying having to remember to press the phonepad once before intering a number to call.


Is it possible to adjust the Digit Tx/ Rx Gain?

Pls advice…

after you did the initial install of AAH 2.2, did you do an update? if not, i strongly recommend that. i’ve had all kinds of odd behavior otherwise. login as root and do ‘yum -y update’. it should download and apply tons of patches and updates and then you reboot. let us know if that doesn’t fix it.

I re-installed Asterisk@Home 2.2, did the yum update and recompiled and reinstalled the zaptel drivers and now it seems to be working. Wondering if this could be a TDM400 driver problem.


could be. i saw ALL kinds of weird things happen when i reinstalled on the new machine i got, and i suddenly realized i’d forgotten the update. :smile: