TDM400 with AAH 2.8

I have a new TDM400 loaded with 2 fxo & 2 fxs channels. It was installed before the initial software load and gives all the signs of being installed correctly.

I have installed an analog phone on both channel 1 & 2 and set up zap extensions on those channels which are the fxo channels, confirmed from the zapata-auto.conf file.

I am located in australia so have set opermode=AUSTRALIA in the modprobe.conf file.

If I call the analog phone from an iax softphone on the same asterisk server it rings but there is no voice traffic, only static. If I pick up the analog handset there is no dial tone and I cant dial out only static. In max verbose mode I can see than handset on the correct channel go off hook and back on when I replace the handset.

This is not my first AAH install but it is the first time I have had fxo channels and extensions. Is there anything I have forgotten to do ?