Analog Cordless Phone

I have a customer an analog cordless phone on their Asterisk Free PBX. I have had to replace the cordless every few months asthey keep developing problems. I received a call over the weekend that they can no longer hear on the Vitec that I gave them the first part on November. This seems like a very high turn over rate and I am wondering if there is something that I should be checking within the system?

I’m going out on a limb here but have you read the voltage
across the Tip and Ring when the phone is hung up and when
it is off hook? See how many volts D.C. are across the pair
when idle and when in use.

If you have access to a volt-ohm-meter or know someone
who does I might read the current in series with the line
when off hook. See how many milliamps (ma) are flowing.

The above are things I might check when working with
a typical analog line. POTS, PBX or IP-PBX.

TY for the idea. I usually stick with a Vtech cordless, but have even used a Uniden. Each time something goes wrong after a few months - and it’s not always the same problem (i.e. quits ringing, low volume develops on hearing). I will, however, check w/a volt meter. We normally do not have such a high failure rate, so that’s why I’m looking at a possible problem interacting with Asterisk.