AMI "Retries" Assistance

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I am trying to get the “Retries” function to work in the AMI as we once used it when we were on the .callfile system, it was a good function to have, however we followed the examples written on the Wiki [AMI SECTION] but can not for the life of me get it too work.

I was wondering if someone would be so kind as too look at out Code and see what we are doing wrong.

print $remote “Action: Login$EOL”;
print $remote “Username: XXXXXX$EOL”;
print $remote “Secret: XXXXXX$BLANK”;
print $remote “Action: Originate$EOL”;
print $remote “Channel: $channel$EOL”;
print $remote “Async: Yes$EOL”;
print $remote “Callerid: “XXXXXXX” <$caller_id>$EOL”;

print $remote "Context: $context$EOL";
print $remote "Exten: $extension$EOL";
print $remote "MaxRetries: 2$EOL";
print $remote "RetryTime: 1$EOL";
print $remote "Priority: 1$BLANK";
print $remote "Action: Logoff$EOL";
print $remote $EOL;

while (<$remote>) { print }

close $remote;

The “XXXXXX” represent Private info (Sorry you cant have that :stuck_out_tongue:)

Can anyone identify anything wrong with this? Anything that could be stopping the Retries from happening?



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