Retry calling in AMI action Originate

Is there any way that I can retry a call after some seconds and for some attempts in the AMI originate?

Because the parameters that the action originate accepts does not have anything like retry/redial apart form channel/context/priority and etc.


No, the AMI Originate action does not have such functionality or work like that. Any retrying logic is expected to be done within the AMI application.

Thanks a lot for the response. Can you please help me understand what you meant by the Ami action originate cannot but Ami application can

The application written that uses AMI Origination. Your self-written application, or whatever is outside of Asterisk.

Ok got your point. So you mean to say that, I should get the response against the AMI action and then read the response if it says the call was connected or not, so that the originate action can be exercised again. Correct?


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Call file have retry option

MaxRetries: <number>

Maximum number of dial retries (if an attempt fails because the device is busy or not reachable). If not specified, defaults to 0 (only one attempt is made).

RetryTime: <number>

Number of seconds to wait until the next dial attempt. If not specified, defaults to 300 seconds.

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